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New York Daily Photo: Spring Madness
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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Spring Madness

As I have pointed out in previous posts, this city certainly tolerates and embraces eccentric behavior. This guy in the photo was definitely garnering a lot of attention - onlookers looked puzzled trying to understand a grown man with pink bunny ears in the dog run in Washington Square Park, especially when his playful game went on a little too long. And it was not clear that the dog in the photo (or any other) was his - we became more concerned when he started to leave the enclosure with the ears still on and no dog in tow. The weather has been extremely cold for this time of year, so spring fever this is not. Plus, I have already done a Spring Fever posting when we had a nice run of warm days in mid March. In naming this post Spring Madness, it occurred to me that apart from the man in bunny ears, the only madness I have encountered lately is the frustration people are having with the weather and how long it is taking for springtime to arrive. We have had 31 degree nights and mid 40s by day with a chance of snow flurries today! Happy Easter ...


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