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New York Daily Photo: The Copper Cowboy
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Saturday, 7 April 2007

The Copper Cowboy

The copper cowboy is one of the many living statue performers that can be seen around NYC. Actually, living statues are now a worldwide phenomenon with annual competitions in Arnhem (Netherlands), Laguna Beach, CA and Portugal. I have generally seen this as an exercise in stamina and masochism (with all that body paint and hot summer days) but not particularly creative or interesting - most performers get attention primarily from the novelty factor to the uninitiated. However, after looking at various sites online, there are some ambitious attempts. Like many of the living statues, the copper cowboy concept has been done by more than one individual - online searches for copper cowboy leads most often to Jon Mitchell of Hawaii. I imagine the concept was inspired by the copper/cowboy connection of the old west. There was a lot of memorabilia created using copper - cowboy hats, boots etc. Most of the living statue performers remain motionless for hours at a time with a container placed in front for donations. Some become animated from time to time, with mime routines. The copper cowboy in the photo made occasional sounds using a concealed mouth whistle accompanied by various short body movements ...


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