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New York Daily Photo: Flora
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Sunday, 29 April 2007


Yesterday was the NYC GROWS Garden Festival which was held in Union Square. This event was NYC's celebration of National Garden Month. Our lady in the photo was created by Target, who sponsored the event. She was a big hit, with visitors taking photos of each other with her as backdrop. I thought she was beautifully done with all manner of plants/flowers so cleverly used and her bevy of topiary dogs. Click here for more photos. I am not a gardener but I can understand the benefits of being connected to something as important as plant life and seeing living things grow. In a time where everything is about speed and immediate gratification, gardening is a useful antidote by teaching patience - involvement in a process that can't be rushed, where one MUST wait for results. A useful metaphor - for many of the things of value in life take time to come to fruition. I asked a Target rep if she had a name and sadly, she did not. After considering many options this morning, I thought Flora might be an appropriate choice ...


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