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New York Daily Photo: Easter Parade 2007
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Monday, 9 April 2007

Easter Parade 2007

I know this doesn't look like the typical Easter parade, but this is New York City, where anything goes. In fact, I recognized one person who marches in the Village Halloween parade in the same outfit. The Easter parade in NYC is more of an assemblage, with casual meandering along Fifth Avenue in the 50s, which was closed to traffic. I took over 100 photos, so this collage is just a sample. Click here for more photos . The weather was chilly, but many were not daunted. The dress ranged from the subtle and sophisticated to the outrageous; the appropriate and inappropriate - families, the scantily clad, drag queens, elegant furs, beautiful hats (both small and large) and the heavily themed - tupperware bonnets, Coney Island Cyclone, bunny rabbits, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and fantasy characters. The heaviest concentration of people was near St. Patrick's Cathedral where masses were being given all day - the Cardinal himself made an appearance, blessing the group. This is my second year. Along with the Mermaid Parade, I believe this to be one of the underrated secrets of NYC. It is very civilized with no barricades or unmanageable crowding. I wouldn't miss it and highly recommend it ...


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