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New York Daily Photo: Caravan of Dreams
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Thursday, 5 April 2007

Caravan of Dreams

From time to time in the city, we witness the homeless with caravans of STUFF - sometimes taking on mammoth proportions. On one occasion I witnessed someone with at least 8 enormous hamper carts filled with things. He was systematically jockeying them to go on some unknown journey. They were parked for an entire night on Washington Square North, taking up a sizable portion of an entire city block. In many cases they are bottles accumulated for redemption. I imagine when you are homeless, one can achieve a certain sense of security and identity by accumulating things. Taking photos of these occurrences can be dangerous - a friend and I have been threatened several times - just walking by with a camera hanging at our sides or photographing something else in a completely different direction. I suspect there's a feeling of exploitation by many of them with subsequent outbreaks of rage. In the photo you can see what a couple friends and I witnessed - a very unusual move on Bleecker Street in the middle of traffic. It's still not clear to me what we saw - a homeless person, someone looking to furnish his place from things scavenged from the street, a budget mover or moving on a budget? ...


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