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New York Daily Photo: Yellow Fever
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Friday, 4 May 2007

Yellow Fever

In 2005, there were 71,167 automobile accidents in NYC with 328 fatalities: 101 drivers killed, 46 passengers killed, 159 pedestrians killed and 21 bicyclists killed (and 1 "other"). 25-30% of accidents involve one vehicle striking objects, like that seen in the photo. I'm not sure what happened here but I would guess avoidance of a vehicle or pedestrian was likely. It appeared that no one was injured. There are 12,779 taxis in NYC and many are involved in accidents - unfortunately since business is involved, what is best for making money is not best for safety. Taxi fares are based primarily on distance (idle time meter charges are much less profitable than distance). So, the faster you get there, the more money you make. Add long hours, many inexperienced drivers, road rage and the picture is not good. The good news is that after huge increases in taxi and livery accidents in the 1990s, regulations became much stricter and rates have actually come down . Click here for a Taxicab Fact Book. Contrary to public perception, it is actually safer to ride in a taxicab than in other vehicles (crash rates per million passenger miles are less for taxis) - click here for article. It appears that at least for the time being, yellow fever has been contained ...


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