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New York Daily Photo: Marumi
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Monday, 7 May 2007


This is Marumi at 546 LaGuardia Place - my favorite Japanese restaurant. It's kind of a cliche - have you ever noticed how everyone in NYC seems to know "a place for great Japanese" or "the best Japanese restaurant"? Apparently it's a necessary credential for being a New Yorker. I won't make any comparative claims here - when I found Marumi, I essentially stopped looking. One thing I really like is that the owner, Takashi Sando, is on site (that's him in the back left of the photo) - he is no nonsense and runs this place very efficiently and like a well-oiled machine. Everything is very consistent and fresh (of paramount importance with raw fish). The service is excellent - in several years of going there I don't recall one mistake. Marumi is reasonably priced (inexpensive for Japanese) and in the heart of New York University country, so students abound. The ambience is very social, pleasant and casual. The place gets crowded; most nights there are lines (which move fairly quickly). Much of the clientele is Japanese and local regulars - a good sign. It has been in business 16 years. On a refreshing note, this place is about the food - alcohol is available, but never pushed; dessert is typically not even offered. Get there before 7:15. Try a Bento box or broiled salmon. Best kept "secret"? - their spicy sashimi salad ...


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