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New York Daily Photo: Just Passing Through
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Friday, 18 May 2007

Just Passing Through

I have done 3 previous posts on Grand Central specifically: the main concourse, the exterior rooftop sculpture and the famous clock, along with a post on the Oyster Bar. This posting shows other areas of the station. On the left is one of the passageways - magnificent and Grand - isn't it? - befitting of its name. The upper right shows the main concourse facing the timetables. And on the lower right is a photo in the subterranean depths leading to the train tracks themselves. At the east end of the terminal, there is also a wonderful food market, which I only recently discovered - The Grand Central Market, a gourmet European-style food hall. Several of the city's premier food shops are vendors here (such as Murray's Cheese) - click here for photo. All told, Grand Central is a world unto itself with restaurants, shops and a myriad of environments. I love this place, an edifice in stone, iconic NYC - a constant in a world of change. In a way this station is a metaphor for life itself - we're just passing through...


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