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New York Daily Photo: Tale of Two Colors
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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Tale of Two Colors

Yesterday evening a friend pointed out a young woman (Anna) who was remarkably immersed in shades of blue/turquoise/aqua - aqua shirt, turquoise sweatshirt, blue sneakers, light blue/aqua beverage container and blue-green on her cigarette pack. Her friend also had her own blue-green accents and beverage. While deciding whether or not this was a blog worthy event (I am a big fan of turquoise & aqua so objectivity was a problem), to our amazement along came a yellow-themed woman (Rachael) - golden blond hair, yellow shirt, yellow accented sneakers which also had blue accents matching Anna's (not to mention a hot pink phone and matching trim on her sneaker tongues). This color event was too unique to pass up - I asked if they would mind posing together and they obliged. Anna and Rachael are both NYU students. Hoping to get the shade descriptions right, I spent a little time this morning reviewing the differences between turquoise, aqua, aquamarine, teal, peacock, cyan, cerulean, azure ...


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