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New York Daily Photo: Minefield
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Wednesday, 30 May 2007


This is the second time recently I have witnessed explosions and fire from manholes. I am learning this is not an uncommon occurrence. The incident in the photo appeared to be an electrical fire - there were intermittent sparks shooting up, large and small explosions with billowing black smoke. The fire department was on the scene promptly and took care of the situation handily and professionally without any drama or fanfare. There are a variety of reasons these things happen. On January 31, 2000, sparks, explosions, smoke or fire occurred in more than 200 manholes across NYC - corrosion from salt used in the winter to melt snow and ice on the streets was the cause. Corrosion of wires has also caused manhole covers to become "live" - in 2004, while walking her dogs in the East Village, Jodie Lane was electrocuted stepping on a manhole cover which had short circuited from contact with wiring. Click here for story. The same year, a skateboarder fell on a manhole cover which was so hot (she heard sizzling), she was branded with permanent scars! Click here for photo and story. In 1999, a carriage horse was electrocuted. Although the East Village death was an isolated incident, hundreds of pet owners or their pets have been jolted by stray voltage in metal covers. The city has 260,000 manhole covers - be careful - it's a minefield out there ...


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