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New York Daily Photo: Garbage a la Mode
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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Garbage a la Mode

I'm only disappointed that I didn't get a photo that better represents the level at which the trash situation gets in NYC. In this photo, one can see that efforts have at least been made to place trash in a proper (but over filled) receptacle by perching it around the rim a la mode. Frequently trash is also piled around the base, loose and in bags. This is a typical scenario in most heavily trafficked areas, particularly where there is no private group providing additional services. What? you ask. Yes, that is correct - in spite of our heavy tax load and cost of living in New York, private organizations have been formed to properly manage and provide better services for many things which are the responsibility of local government and for which we pay taxes. Like picking up the garbage, which is not done frequently enough in many areas. Groups like the SOHO Alliance, the Fund for Park Avenue or The Central Park Conservancy provide a level of services resulting in a standard of living more acceptable to residents. A similar scenario is seen in the apartment rental market where repairs are often better done by the tenant at his/her own expense rather than by the landlord. Waiting for those responsible to do their job is frequently a formula for frustration - taking things into ones own hands is sometimes the only sensible recourse. No NYC trash statistics or tutorial today - perhaps another time ...


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