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New York Daily Photo: That's Quite a Briefcase
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Monday, 28 April 2008

That's Quite a Briefcase

In January I did a story on a red car and my impressions of those who embrace red. In the posting I also wrote a brief synopsis of the symbolisms regarding red in different times and places - you can see the posting here. I am intrigued by individuals who make a statement using red attire or possessions - it certainly is not the color of the shy and withdrawn. And personally I like the color - I have a few articles of clothing in bright red, but wear them infrequently and quite judiciously.
There are other colors, like purple, that also send messages. I am reminded of a period of time where I was carrying papers to and from my office in a slim, translucent, plastic PURPLE, briefcase. This is rather unusual for a male business owner, but I have that privilege. And NYC is quite accepting of creative types and the unconventional. However, one day I had a salesman who called on me. He stepped into my office, noticed my purple case and remarked in a sarcastic tone of voice - "that's quite a briefcase." I was actually quite insulted and found his remark very inappropriate, but I let it go. After he left, it occurred to me I could have retorted: "but that's why your on that side of the desk, and I'm on this side." But that would have just been nasty :)


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