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New York Daily Photo: Delivery
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Friday, 11 April 2008


There is a saying - let the music speak for itself. This makes sense, except you need to hear it which you can't do here. And of course there are different languages and the music may not speak to you. But for me, these guys are some of the best jazz musicians I have heard on the street. It's such a treat to run across talent like this on the streets of New York City. Many street musicians are superb. Music is very competitive and they work the streets for a number of reasons - sole source of income, part time source, exposure or just fun. The variety of musicians you find on the street can be just remarkable. I have run across Manhattan or Juilliard School grads and students, professionals playing cello, a traveling one man band, punk rock concerts, rock festivals, swing musicians, blues slide guitar players, a Chicago brass band, bluegrass reunion, - it's a menagerie out there. A number of us spend evenings in Washington Square Park listening to singing circles - on a good night, hundreds of spectators may congregate and participate in the choruses.
The trumpet player, Rasheed Richard Howard is superb. And he plays two trumpets at one time - see here. He is part of NuQ-Leus - website here.
This photo was taken when they were doing Georgia - a favorite with such a great melody (if you haven't heard Ray Charles do Georgia, you must).
Rasheed really delivers, which is good since New Yorkers are spoiled and quite used to delivery :)


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