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Friday, 25 April 2008

Cuts One Way

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most important and recognizable NYC landmarks - an edifice literally in stone and one its finest icons. I have done numerous postings where the bridge is a key element, but none on the bridge itself. See the list of related postings below. There is also a series of photos associated with this article - you can see them here.
The bridge, completed in 1883 and connecting lower Manhattan with Brooklyn, has a walkway which is open to pedestrians and bicycles. I highly recommend this to any visitor (or resident) - it's a must do. It's free and the vistas are great.
There is no room and it makes no sense for me to synopsize here the history of the bridge or supply technical information - tomes have been written. The Wikipedia article is a good start and has a myriad of links - see here.
The Brooklyn Bridge is quite special to me. I find the stonework so much more attractive than the steelwork of the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges, although I have warmed up to these over the years. Traveling around the city, particularly by car, the Brooklyn Bridge is omnipresent and with its image comes a plethora of feelings and impressions. Especially for a New Yorker. This is the bridge of book, film and fable, known throughout the world.
Visitors are frequently astonished that anyone would go through what we do just get through basic everyday life. And many do leave after trying their hand at living here. Our town is a great one, but the knife that is New York City has two edges and cuts both ways. I, like many New Yorkers, have a love/hate relationship with many aspects of life here - it comes with the territory and every one of us living here knows it. But for the Brooklyn Bridge, the knife cuts only one way - I love that bridge :)

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