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New York Daily Photo: Bon Appetit
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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Bon Appetit

THIS is New York at its best. I have often felt that NYC is a place where the extraordinary is common and the ordinary uncommon. And of course the extraordinary is what makes it great to live here and why visitors love it. Sometimes it feels like there's something extraordinary to be discovered around every corner. Like a Dessert Truck on the street selling gourmet pastries - for $5 each. No need to go into an expensive restaurant and sit down. What could be better? I was completely unaware of this until a few days ago, when two friends introduced me to it. Amazingly, it is only a few blocks from my home, yet I never really noticed it. They are located at 8th street and University Place and are open 6 nights per week.
The desserts are awesome - they are made by Jerome Chang, a former pastry chef at Le Cirque and grad of the French Culinary Institute. He is partnered with Chris Chen, a Columbia business school grad. "One night, we randomly made the caramelized banana sandwich with sea salt — no recipe," Mr. Chen said. "It turned out to be amazing, and both of us thought that this was something we could sell on the street." You can find things like molten chocolate cake with liquid ganache center and sea salt, roasted pistachios, and "a hint of olive oil"; apples and cinnamon with cranberries in a crisp, puff pastry with streusel and whipped cream, chocolate bread pudding; crème brûlée made with madagascan vanilla beans and freshly burned sugar.
You can read all about them here at their website - there are photos of the desserts, press articles, menu, hours etc. Bon appetit ...

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