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New York Daily Photo: Sunshine Makes You Happy
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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Sunshine Makes You Happy

Here is where New York really shines - the arts, particularly ones that need brick and mortar establishments like live music, opera, theater, art and indie or art films. Art house films on the big screen are things you can't squeeze down the internet pike. And you need a big audience to support a place like Sunshine Cinema. Located in the now fashionable Lower East Side at 145 East Houston Street, Sunshine is one of a handful of premiere houses featuring art films - Angelika (see here), Quad Cinema, Film Forum, IFC, Village East and Lincoln Plaza.

Rather than rewrite history, here it is from Landmark Theatre's website:

"Built in 1898, the Sunshine Cinema building was formerly the Houston Hippodrome motion picture theatre and a Yiddish vaudeville house but for over 50 years it had been shuttered serving as a hardware warehouse. Landmark has restored the theatre back to its artistic roots and now offers the art-house film lover five brand new state-of-the-art screens dedicated to first-run independent and foreign film as well as non-traditional studio programming. The Sunshine Cinema has exceptional presentation and amenities including stadium seating, Dolby Digital Surround EX sound and gourmet concessions. The theatre also offers attractions such as a Japanese rock garden and a viewing bridge that offers breathtaking city views from the third story spectacular glass annex. The restoration was a team effort—floor plans by TK Architects and interior design by architects Tony Pleskow and Tom Rael of Pleskow + Rael."

I have been to Sunshine and can heartily recommend it. It is also in an interesting neighborhood with plenty of things to do. You can't miss it - with it's beautiful facade especially when lit at night, it's like a beacon letting you know that if you like film, Sunshine will make you happy ...


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