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New York Daily Photo: Shangri-La
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Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Isn't this amazing? This is the most remarkable garden space I have ever seen in NYC. One image does not do it justice - please click here for six more photos. All the community gardens I have been to (I have featured most of them here on this site) are wonderful spaces - true oases from the urban world. But nothing beats the 9th Street Community Garden on Avenue C for transporting one to another place; or perhaps I should say places, with its varied environments. I recently visited with a friend. Upon entering, we took a pathway through a tunnel of shrubbery which felt like an English country garden. Then we passed through a small cabana (in the photo) - it felt like a tiny country cottage. From there and out into the open much of the garden has a tropical feel, with dense foliage and plantings - I used to travel to the West Indies and this space truly made me feel like I was there again. There was barbecuing and picnicking going on in a tented area. Nearby there was a large cabana with a porch, chairs, benches, tables, a kitchen with appliances and housekeeping accouterments. I spoke with the women relaxing and expressed my awe. They confirmed my feelings that this garden was the best in NYC :) ...


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