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New York Daily Photo: Performance Z-A
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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Performance Z-A

I assumed the Ring Dome Pavilion installed at Lieutenant Petrosino Square was just a whimsical piece of public art. Not so. This structure provided a setting for Performance Z-A: a Pavilion and 26 Days of Events at Storefront - a series of 26 evening events, performances, concerts and screenings to celebrate the Storefront's 25th anniversary. The Storefront for Art and Architecture is located in a unique triangular ground-level micro space at 97 Kenmare Street in the Little Italy/SOHO area. Click here to learn about them. The pavilion itself was designed by designed by Korean architect Minsuk Cho of Mass Studies in Seoul and is made of 1,000 off-the-shelf plastic hoops attached with plastic ties, supported by a thin steel structure. The hoops were fitted with electroluminescent wire. Here is a video of the installation at Youtube. Although the month-long event itself has passed, I would recommend a visit anytime to the Storefront. It's an amazing little space you won't forget ...

Note: Lieutenant Petrosino Square is a tiny, triangular "pocket" park located between Cleveland Place, Kenmare Street and Lafayette Street. It adjoins the renowned Eileen's Cheesecake - click here.


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