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New York Daily Photo: Beacon Of Hope
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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Beacon Of Hope

I never tire of seeing the Chrysler Building, particularly in the evening when lit. I have posted numerous times on various aspects of the building - the gargoyles, elevators, lobby, murals, entrance and the Trylon Towers - see the list of links below. Since 911, most large office buildings have increased security and in the case of the Chrysler Building (and Woolworth Building), they are off limits entirely unless one has specific business in the building. During Open House New York 2006, I was able to get into the lobby and stairwells and photograph at my leisure. For me, the Chrysler Building is many things - assurance that there is some permanence in a world of change, a link to old New York, a beautiful art deco masterpiece, a metaphor for our aspirations, dreams and hopes with its gleaming stainless steel spire reaching upwards, and a reliable NYC icon - letting me know at a glance, without any doubt, of where I am ...

Chrysler Building Posts (click on any of the following 8 links): Crown Jewel, Gargoyles, Stairwell, Back in Time, Mural, Going Up, Trylon Towers, Contrast.


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