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New York Daily Photo: Fall Out Against the War
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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Fall Out Against the War

Yesterday NYC participated in a national mobilization against the the war and occupation in Iraq - Fall Out Against the War. New York was one of 11 cities involved in the event, initiated by United for Peace and Justice. An estimated 45,000 stood up to the rain and marched and rallied for peace, led by Iraq veterans, veterans of other wars, military families, union members and students. Demonstrators assembled south of 23rd street and marched down Broadway to Foley Square, culminating in a Peace and Justice Fair. A rally with speakers was held at Union Square where a stage was set up - an appropriate location as this park has a long history of public protests and demonstrations. I do believe that the sentiment against the war has been growing - lack of timetable or clear exit strategy, 3,800 Americans dead, hundreds of billions spent with our international reputation damaged. For much of the populace who do not engage in nuanced political analysis, the mere length and cost of this occupation are reason enough to want out - the scenario is reminiscent of the Vietnam War where public opposition became so great (and a clear win doubtful) that continuing became untenable. Many who initially supported the war have reversed their positions and vocalized such, including notables such as Christopher Hitchens ...
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