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New York Daily Photo: Building Gone Wild
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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Building Gone Wild

The building in this photo, located at 246 East 4th Street at Avenue B in the East Village, is a mystery - the raison d'etre for the super bright colors, the history, the architecture with its friezes and exterior sculptures, etc are unknown to me. The red, blue, gold and white painted structure stands out dramatically from anything around it and screams for attention. There are virtually no references to it online. I did find two residents in a phone directory who are doing business from the building. I also found a reference to "Otnoob" which appears to have a retail canopy (all I could find about the word "Otnoob" is a World of Warcraft character - a human, rogue). If you are interested in finding this place, the East 4th Deli at 53 Avenue B is located in the same building, but I don't think you will miss it :)


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