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New York Daily Photo: Sfera Con Sfera
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Saturday, 29 September 2007

Sfera Con Sfera

As I have written in my previous post on the Knotted Gun, the United Nations is not at the top of the list for residents or independent visitors. On a recent visit, I discovered this beautiful sculpture, Sphere Within a Sphere (Sfera Con Sfera) created by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. He has a long and varied list of achievements and work - click here. This metallic sphere is one of a series of six located throughout the world - at the Vatican, Pesaro (Italy), Dublin, Berkeley (California), Washington, D.C. and this one at the United Nations, donated by the Italian government in 1991. I have read a number of interpretations of this work such as "the fractured outer surface of the sphere reveals a complex inner sphere that represents the harsh difficulties of the modern world at the end of the second millennium." Or from Lamberto Dini, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy "a sphere growing inside another sphere, as if a world torn asunder by the horrors of war and suffering could still give birth to another world: a more prosperous and just world, within an international frame of peace and progress for generations to come. What better image for illustrating the primary role the United Nations are called upon to play: a global quest to build a new world wherein all peoples can co-exist peacefully and develop in freedom."


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