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New York Daily Photo: Risk Not Living
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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Risk Not Living

The danger at these falls is not what you think I mean. Let me explain. I have not been particularly inclined to do nature photography. Perhaps seeing so much mediocre, ordinary and cliched work (and not wanting to contribute more) or seeing extraordinary work (and not being able to create at that level) has left me on the sidelines. Of course these feelings easily apply to other genres of photography as well, so it all comes down to what type of subjects and work inspires you - where your passion lies. Add to the mix living in a dense urban environment and getting away infrequently. So, when I do get to a natural environment, I prefer just experiencing it - not through a camera. For me, this has been the danger of photography - seeing everything as one would through a lens and as a potential photograph. When habituated to this practice, one risks not living ...
Photo note: This photo was taken at Binnen Falls in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, near the Lullwater and Audubon Center - click here. I have seen numerous photographs of waterfalls and streams using a long exposure - this creates a very interesting effect with the moving water. Seeing these falls inspired me to give it a try.


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