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New York Daily Photo: Block Party
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Sunday, 16 September 2007

Block Party

What's nice about a block party in NYC, as opposed to a typical street fair, is the down home neighborhood feel and its non-commercial nature. When I lived in Chelsea in my first apartment in the city while in college, I was fortunate to have been on a block that was not only beautiful with its row of brownstones, but also had a wonderful neighborhood spirit. Like old NYC of film and days gone by. We knew many of our neighbors - stoop sitting and socializing was the norm. It was a nice segue from the country to the city for someone new. The block I lived on was closed Saturdays during the summer for activities planned by the residents. I don't see block parties like this in Manhattan anymore - I'm not sure how often they happen (a friend tells me they are still quite common in Brooklyn). These parties are typically held at a time and place where disruption of traffic will be minimal such as Chelsea very far west (West 19th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues in this case). The Kitchen Highline Block Party (shown in the photo) was produced by the Kitchen (an interdisciplinary art space located on the same block as the party) in collaboration with Friends of the High Line (click here to lean more about the High Line project). There was an entertaining mix of live music, DJs and other artist-led activities and performances. Hula-hoopers, food, a reptile petting zoo, face painting ...


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