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New York Daily Photo: Myers of Keswick
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Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Myers of Keswick

There are an estimated 100,000 Brits in New York City (and 250,000 in the Tri-state area - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut). And like any ethnic or cultural group, someone has to cater to their culinary needs. Peter Myers, of Keswick in the Lake district of England, came to the United States in 1972. On July 4th, 1985, Peter and his wife Irene, opened Myers of Keswick. You can read the entire story here at the shop's website. This small, quaint shop is located at 634 Hudson Street in the West Village - the ambiance is one of a country store. Click Here for more photos. British cuisine and foods do not have a large following, so it was not surprising to learn from Peter that nearly all of the store's clientele is of British ancestry. Many make a pilgrimage, coming from as far away as New Hampshire or Virginia to stock up on goods. Myers offers an array of fresh goods (butter and cheese) including authentic homemade classics like savory pies and sausages (for which they are well known) - Peter is a third generation sausage maker. They also stock an array of British staples - packaged items such as beans, crisps, cereals, biscuits, soups, jams & marmalades, drinks, teas, sweets and and the infamous Marmite - that substance deemed to be virtually inedible by all but the Brits. I am frequently turned down when asking about taking photos, even of commercial or retail establishments where they stand to gain more exposure. Peter, on the other hand, in stereotypical British style, was quite accommodating - in fact a little surprised I even asked. That's him in the rear of the photo ...


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