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New York Daily Photo: Jersey Girls
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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Jersey Girls

No, these girls are not from New Jersey, nor are they the 911 widows that Ann Coulter accused of "reveling in their celebrity status." I ran across them on Jersey Street, a short, two-block alley in SOHO, while returning from Pickle Day on the Lower East Side - as interesting as pickles may be, they're not an all day commitment. While walking on Lafayette Street and passing by Jersey Street, I was startled to see three women with one lying provocatively on the trunk of a taxi. They were alternately posing and taking photos with their point and shoot camera, so of course I decided to jump into the fray. They were very accommodating and did some additional posing for me (and have been waiting for these photos and posting). Click here for the entire gallery of photos. The three girls, Erica, Maiy and Jari are dancers with a company called Vixens managed by Torey Nelson. Nine (of approximately 15) members of the company were there for a photo shoot for their portfolios. "We all have dancing experience in different genres including but not limited to Hip Hop, ballet, modern and jazz. We are a young company with goals of taking the Dance World by storm"
BTW, the cab driver was not a prior acquaintance. He just was driving by and asked if they wanted to take photos with his taxi.


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