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New York Daily Photo: Police Riot Concert
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Monday, 6 August 2007

Police Riot Concert

This was an event that really caught me by surprise - no one I met was aware that it was to be held, apart from the many music fans. The annual Police Riot concert is typically held in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village - this year the concert was rescheduled for Washington Square. The concert, which featured Leftöver Crack (a group that has been been banned from several NYC venues), commemorated the 19th anniversary of the police riots of August 6-7, 1988 in Tompkins Square Park. The park at that time had essentially been taken over by drug dealers, skinheads and squatting homeless. The riot, which occurred on the day of a rally, protesting a recently enacted curfew, was seen as largely police incited as a result of mishandling on their part. Many complaints of police brutality were made along with public condemnations (such as in the New York Times) against the Police department and the commissioner Benjamin Ward. In addition to Leftöver Crack, groups performing were: False Prophets, World Inferno Friendship Society, Planned Collapse and Witch Hunt. There were guest speakers such as Norman Siegel (former ACLU director). Event appropriate books and zines were being sold. The concert was essentially punk rock, however more specifically there were elements of ska, hardcore, crust punk, and metal. The music was LOUD of course and spontaneous moshing occurred with stage diving. This event was a superb photo opportunity - the mohawks, hair colors, clothing, piercings, mosh pits and stage diving made great subjects in a perfect clear day's afternoon light. Click here for a short video of the concert. Click here for a photo set of the concert...


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