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New York Daily Photo: Grapes
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Friday, 24 August 2007


I enjoy finding those bucolic settings, atypical of the big city. Spots of country in New York City. They do exist - places like St. Lukes Garden, the bend in Commerce Street (where the Cherry Lane Theater and 39 & 41 Commerce are), that amazing house at 121 Charles Street, Time Landscape, the many community gardens in the city, the beaches or waterways and of course the more well known: Central Park, Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where one can find many spots where there is virtually no sense being in the city - like The Ramble in Central Park. Last night, while walking with a friend, we were surprised to find these grapes growing in the LaGuardia Corner Gardens - a community garden established over 25 years ago at the corner of LaGuardia Place and Bleecker Street (open at various times to the public). According to the garden caretakers, this is the first season for grapes there. They were not sure of the variety, but I did sample some and they were very good. I once had a conversation with a friend who commented on similar meanderings of mine and responded: "you need to get a country house." A valid point, but one doesn't always want to deal with travel, traffic, costs etc. for respite. The process can be more stressful than its worth, especially for a short break. So for now, when I want to get away for just a little while, I find those spots of country and when I emerge, all the city's amenities, conveniences and culture are right there ...


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