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New York Daily Photo: More Air
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Thursday, 9 August 2007

More Air

Hot summer days are never a picnic in any big city, but yesterday, NYC was particularly nightmarish. Start with a torrential rainstorm overnight that dropped 3 inches of rain in an hour, causing massive flooding of roadways and the subway system where service was seriously disrupted - in some cases actually suspended, leaving many New Yorkers with essentially no way of getting to work. Resorting to auto transportation was not the best idea either. Traffic snarls were everywhere as seen in the photo looking down lower Broadway. A tornado (confirmed by the National Weather Service) hit Sunset Park and Bayridge areas of Brooklyn (the first there since 1950) ripping up building roofs and felling trees. Click here for the Gothamist's story of Wild Wednesday. As a result of the heavy rain, the combined sewer overflow (CSO) system (which I have previously written about - click here) dumped tons of sewage into the ocean and waterways around the city - there may be beach closings due to contamination. And we had blistering heat in the 90s with humidity typical of a hot, steamy, August day. It was stifling. More Air anyone?


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