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New York Daily Photo: Dead to the World
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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Dead to the World

No he's not dead, just dead to the world - an old expression my mother used to characterize someone so deeply asleep they really were oblivious to anything or anyone around them. I spotted this homeless man in the South Street Seaport area at the end of Water Street where it intersects Dover Street, essentially under the Brooklyn Bridge. His cozy looking residence was a narrow space wedged between a chain link fence on the Dover Street side and a wall between abutments under a bridge ramp. Click here for a map of the exact location. I have done a number of postings involving the homeless - click on any of the six following links: The Art of Kissing, Homeless Art Scene, Extreme Camping, Caravan of Dreams, Aspiration and most recently Stephanie. It's amazing to reflect on the horrific problems some people have with insomnia and how this man can sleep so comfortably outdoors, in the city, under a bridge, across from a busy cafe, in broad daylight and plain view, while being photographed ...


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