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New York Daily Photo: Sisterhood
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Tuesday, 31 July 2007


New York City is one large film set. The streets, parks and other outdoor settings are used as well as studios such as Silvercup - click here. At any given time there dozens of films, commercials, TV shows, music videos not to mention amateur or student productions (NYU has one of the best film schools in the country). The mayor's office of film has a website of current productions (I don't always find it complete, however). Last fall I did two postings on the filming of I am Legend, the largest film production I have seen in the city, running over two weeks - click here for the first posting and here for the second. This week alone there have been two motion pictures filming in Washington Square Park, a popular venue for filming owing to its attractive environs (the row houses on the North side, e.g.) and iconic and recognizable elements such as the Washington Arch. Sunday night a car crash was being filmed - this was scheduled for 2-3 AM after the Park's closing. Generally the film crews are cooperative and accommodating to the community and those around the sets. Yesterday morning I happened across another film being made. During a break in the filming, passersby were allowed to resume walking in the shooting areas, so I was able to snag a few photos. I was surprised to learn this was a major motion picture - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Part 2. I never saw part one and am not familiar with any of the original actors. I am not sure who the two women in the photo are and whether they are major or minor characters ...


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