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New York Daily Photo: Full Moon
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Friday, 27 July 2007

Full Moon

With all the goings on and distractions of being in the city, why look up? Because sometimes you are rewarded with spectacular natural occurrences like this moon. Although this was not a vista unique to New York City, seeing such a phenomenon in an urban setting always magnifies the experience. And frequently, the imposition of the moon in the right setting provides a nice counterpoint to various city structures, like this - click here. In various conversations over the years, I have been surprised to learn that many people are unaware that apart from moving through phases, the moon rises and sets daily like the sun with its own timetable (there is one day each month with no moonrise and one with no moonset). Of course, due to atmospheric conditions, times when the moon is out during bright daylight, etc. the moon is not always as readily and consistently visible as the sun. Click here for a lunar calendar customizable for your location. Here you will be able to see the times of the moonrise, moonset, sunrise, sunset and the moon phase. I learned today that a full moon or new moon occurs when the earth, moon and sun are in approximately a straight line - this conjunction is called a syzygy. I also learned that the full moon rises at sunset, sets at sunrise and hence is visible all night ...


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