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New York Daily Photo: Alidoro
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Monday, 2 July 2007


Do you want to know a real NYC secret? Alidoro. This tiny sandwich shop at 105 Sullivan Street is one of the best in NYC. I was introduced to it in 1991 by an Italian friend and neighborhood resident. There is an area of the South Village and neighboring SOHO which has a number of Italian residents and businesses - places like Rafetto's, Vesuvio Bakery, Villa Moscioni, Tiro A Segno, Joe's Dairy, Faicco's Pork etc. This sandwich shop was originally opened in 1986 as Melampo Imported Foods by Alessandro Gualandi, a native of Florence, who had a reputation as one of the most difficult shop owners around (some said grouchy, others temperamental artiste). You wouldn't dare ask for any changes or modifications - all of his sandwiches were ordered by name (Julie, Pinocchio, Arzibubo, Geppetto, etc.). I was reprimanded for asking for a little mustard - subsequently I would take my sandwich back to my office and make adjustments there - click here for a short review about the old shop and its owner. In 2001, the business was taken over by Walter Momente, a trained chef from Italy. A few changes have been made, like the addition of small tables - great since the only place to sit previously was a playground nearby. And the new owner has a sunny disposition. But the sandwiches and quality are the same. There are 40 sandwiches to choose from (menu here), each on their own fresh Italian loaf (white or whole wheat) with options for sfilatino, tramezzino, focaccia or semolina bread. All the best ingredients are used: sopressata, prosciutto, salami, olive paste, mozzarella, marinated peppers, arugula, bel paese, sun dried tomatoes, salami, and their signature dressing. The sandwiches are large enough that for many, half is a meal. Another thing hasn't changed - call ahead or get there before 12:30, otherwise there are lines out into the street ...


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