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New York Daily Photo: Density and Intensity
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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Density and Intensity

This is Times Square, where 7th Avenue intersects Broadway. No area better symbolizes urban density and intensity in NYC and this country - it is an international icon. The Times Square neighborhood is generally defined as the area in the 40s, north of 42nd Street, between 6th and 8th Avenues. The area was named Times Square in 1904 after the New York Times erected a building and established operations there (this building is now known as One Times Square, and is where the ball is dropped on New Year's Eve). The area is also known as the theater district - home of Broadway theaters and hotels - a constant that has kept the area alive. Seasoned New Yorkers know, however, that for most of its recent history, Times Square was quite a seedy and dangerous neighborhood in decline, known for its sex shops, porn theaters, crime, drug dealers and disreputable retailers. Efforts at major rehabilitation began in the 1990s. Most agree the area has improved, although many feel it has been too "Disneyfied." Animated and illuminated signs/ads, neon and lights have always been a mainstay here and today this has further intensified with the addition of more sophisticated and brighter LED signage - the area now rivals Las Vegas as far as visual impact. In the future I plan to do some photography at night - the best time to see the area. Until then, I recommend visiting - make special notice of the spectacular seven-story illuminated NASDAQ sign at 43rd Street - don't worry, you can't miss it :) ...


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