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New York Daily Photo: Zombiecon
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Monday, 20 October 2008


This was the fourth annual Zombiecon, a celebration by the living dead. There is very little information about the event on the official website. The dearth of info, either pre or post the event, is reminiscent of a Flash Mob. One observer called Zombiecon a "weird hybrid of flash mob, pub crawl, and “Thriller” video." However, it is not truly a Flash mob because of their spontaneous, unplanned nature, but the loose structure of this event does give it the feel of one. I wrote about Flash Mobs and Smart Mobs in my articles on the International Pillow Fight and the Silent Rave Part 1 and Part 2. To be notified and involved in these events, you will need to be in the loop or connected and the same appears to be true with Zombiecon.
The New York Times said "this loosely organized spectacle will roam the streets of Manhattan, dressed in their best grave-defying fashions and gaping wounds, spending the afternoon scaring children and shopkeepers and hunting for brains (and beer)"
It appeared that Zombiecon 2008, which is a loosely structured "parade" around Manhattan, terminated in Union Square, where I happened upon it by accident. The group was hard to miss. As typifies many NYC events of this nature, there were many creative, clever and inventive costume concepts. I used one of the more benign participants for my photo choice - most were much more ghoulish and bloody and the thought of a photo starting the week on a Monday morning (not to mention being on this site in perpetuity) was not an appealing prospect. For more photos of the macabre, you can see hundreds of galleries on Flickr.  For me, I prefer a milder image before lunch ...


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