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New York Daily Photo: Stairway to Heaven
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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Stairway to Heaven

Carrying a professional looking camera can be an asset or a liability depending on time and place. It is an asset when in a situation where being a photographer is either a rite of passage or perhaps when it offers credibility that you are a pro and belong there - important if you are looking for stairways to heaven. However, there are many situations, especially post 9/11, where having a large camera is a real problem - a virtual branding where you will be observed, supervised and forewarned that there is "no photography."
So I was extremely surprised in my last visit to the Plaza Hotel to get free access to a stairwell and various adjoining rooms. See here for photos of stairwell. It appeared that a rehearsal was taking place - camera and video crews were scattered about - see photo here. Perhaps I was seen as one of the crew. When properly outfitted and with an attitude that you belong, even security will frequently let down their guard.
I have been to the Plaza numerous times - this was the first since it was newly renovated - see my posting on the hotel here. The public rooms on the ground floor have been beautifully done. Around the perimeter of the central Palm Court, there are many small boutiques. In touring this area, I was startled when I came across this huge ornate mirror in a stairway. The reflection actually afforded one of the best views and ways to capture the stairway photographically. So if you act like you belong and with a little luck, you may find a stairway to heaven ...


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