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New York Daily Photo: Leftöver Crack
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Monday, 4 August 2008

Leftöver Crack

Don't you just love these names - Leftöver Crack, Witch Hunt, Team Spider, Disassociate, Death Mold and Hungry Marching Band. This was the group lineup for yesterday's Police Riot Concert in Tompkins Square Park. I give them points for creative group names. This was my second year - see last year's posting here with information about the event and photos.
The concert finished with Leftover Crack where the unbridled energy of youth reached its apex. There was of course the requisite moshing and a flag burning. Given the nature of the concert however, the attendees were quite well behaved for a punk rock concert. Apparently there is decorum and protocol defined within the subculture - I witnessed a really young kid who was extraordinarily drunk being shunned and seriously reprimanded by everyone around. Sad - where do u get support from peers as a drug user if you are rejected at a punk rock concert?
The extravagant dress and plumage is my personal favorite aspect of these concerts - it makes for great photo opportunities and everyone seems to be very open to being photographed. No surprise - anyone adorned or styled with such outrageous hair, clothing, body art and piercings is hardly shunning attention ...


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