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Friday, 8 August 2008

Couleur du Jour

Now if you really dig, you will, of course, find a lot of information about yellow. But, at the risk of offending yellow lovers and yellow aficionados, if you really look at the literature, I would not say it is a color in the league of red, of which I have written - see here.
Yellow has a number of negative connotations. We have yellow journalism. It is the color of cowardice, jealousy and associated with aging (paper yellowed with age) - anyone looking to market teeth yellower? On the positive side, yellow shines particularly in nature - yellow glow of sunlight, sunflowers, bananas and canary melons. In music we have Donovan's Mellow Yellow and Yellow Submarine by the Beatles.
In clothing, I think yellow is difficult to carry. Historically, it has been considered tacky and gaudy. Personally, I am not a big fan of yellow clothing. From reading current fashion articles, however, yellow is the couleur du jour in 2008. 
The photo of the woman in the yellow dress has been in my collection since 2005 (prior to the start of this blog) - collecting photos of people dressed in yellow is a slow, incremental process. The yellow dress was so unusual and striking, I photographed it just for that reason, not knowing if I would ever have any real use for it. A television program was being filmed. More recently I photographed the women with the yellow skirt in the late afternoon yellow light. This diptych is my entire yellow photo archives.
But in the end, in the card game of life, yellow trumps all others easily as the color of the sun, giver of light and life, and the color of summer - in more ways than one, the couleur du jour ...

Note about yellow: Yellow is one of the three primary process colors (subtractive) in printing (CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow plus black) but is a secondary color in the world of light (additive) and monitors - RGB (red, green, blue).


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