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New York Daily Photo: TMNK
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Friday, 25 July 2008


This find is courtesy of Corey, an employee at the Apple Store on Prince Street in SoHo. While on a recent visit there, our conversation turned from Macs to photography. Surprisingly, Corey was already aware of this Photoblog and asked if I was knew of graffiti artist The Me Nobody Knows (TMNK) aka Nobody. He suggested that it may be a good subject for blogging. The alias Nobody leads to nice wordplays in his art messages like Nobody Cares or I am nobody - Art is My Weapon.
On a subsequent visit to the Apple store, Corey was gracious enough on a work break to take me through nearby streets and point out the various sidewalk works of TMNK.
Nobody has a multimedia website with the requisite rap music and non-intuitive interface, Myspace page and ebay store. Since I do not understand the vocabulary and I am not part of this subculture, I will have to let the art, websites, music and words speak for themselves ...


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