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Thursday, 24 July 2008


If you are open minded and social, the people of this city can reveal a world to you that is unique and remarkable. The biggest problem is that some of the most fascinating lurk behind the most unassuming faces and things. I never know where a casual conversation will lead. More times than not, a story unfolds that is woven with extraordinary fabric and I am so very glad I did not just pass it by.
So this is how I met Isack Kousnsky, an unassuming man cleaning a window in front of what turned out to be his school bus. I stopped to pet his dog, a beauty I wrote about last year - see Wolfdog here. Isack turns out to be an accomplished photographer/artist with an unusual portfolio of mixed media work - you can see it here. His work is stored in his bus. He has had shows worldwide and is a SoHo resident. He was located in front of 111 Mercer, where his studio was formerly located.
We spoke of the difficulties in working in Manhattan with stratospheric rents - his old studio is now $6000 per month for 1/2 of a floor. He will be most likely relocating to Brooklyn, which although less expensive, has seen its own very high increases in rents.

Isack Kousnsky, born in Haifa, Israel in the 50’s moved to New York City in the early 80’s. Based in the East Village as a strong artist he became part of the avant-garde movement. He exhibited in many galleries such as Sixth Sense Gallery, Now Gallery and Hilo Project focusing in painting, sculpture and installation. During that time he curated one of the largest exhibitions of the 80’s art movement, including artists Salvador, Rosilio, Luca, and Keith Haring. In 1989 he returned to Israel and built and produced an Alternative art center in Haifa. In 1990 he started to produce his artwork in photography and developed a new technique combining painting and photography. In 1993, he returned to the city.

I have written before about the danger in New York of judging books by their covers. I am one of the worst when it comes to doing this - I am quick to judge and frequently I am way off the mark. These articles are my efforts at redemption ...


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