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New York Daily Photo: Dead Sea Scrolls
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Monday, 7 July 2008

Dead Sea Scrolls

I'm not saying this was an ordinary or everyday experience. But yesterday I was picking wild blackberries and apples in New York City. Finding such things here is exciting, like finding a Dead Sea Scroll.
What was even more amazing is that the apple trees were in the center of a traffic island, surrounded by on ramps and highways with the blackberries nearby. I had to jump across a trafficked ramp to access the isolated island. I was rewarded with a number of very green unripe apples. Very sour, but I grew up eating many unripe fruits that I foraged as a child.
I have learned, however, that blackberries are not the fortuitous find I believed them to be in my youth. Apparently they are quite hardy plants and will grow in the most unforgiving environments - they can survive in poor soil and have been found in building sites, wastelands and along roadsides. In some areas they are considered invasive and a weed. And technically they are not considered true berries.
But fruit is fruit. Why split hairs over whether these are worthy for consideration? I'm starting to sound like a typical new Yorker who extols the virtues of simple things, but in reality they must be the right kind of simple - a certain brand of pushcart hot dog (Sabrett) or chocolate for a New York egg cream (Fox's U-Bet). I suppose authenticity is always important when looking for Dead Sea Scrolls ...

Photo Note: The location of these will be revealed tomorrow's posting on a nearby subject.

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