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New York Daily Photo: Wake Up Call
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Friday, 6 June 2008

Wake Up Call

Wow is all I could say as I stood at Times Square looking west along 42nd Street into one of the most amazing sunsets I have seen. This stretch of 42nd Street is already quite dramatic at dusk or at night. But this sunset was remarkable with the heavily stratified clouds and beautiful color gradation of orange to deep blue. One could have easily seen the sky as part of the artificial spectacle. Drama added to drama. Perfect for a world that knows no bounds when it comes to sensory overload. It really looked like Batman's Gotham City.
One can easily live a lifetime in New York City without hardly a hint of the natural world. With the exception of the sky, occasional tree, squirrels and birds, we live in a place that is almost entirely man made. Some are fortunate and have park, river or garden views. But for most, this is a life of concrete, stone, brick, steel and glass. We look to other things - culture, business, restaurants, architecture and human interaction.
Some seek out nature in the city. It is can be found - promenades, parks, gardens, waterways. And occasionally, when you least expect it, it slaps you in the face. A wake up call to nature ...


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