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New York Daily Photo: Two Boots
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Monday, 23 June 2008

Two Boots

I really have very little love of classic New York City style pizza - especially the cookie cutter, formulaic, boring stuff. I have images of harried New Yorkers running down the street with a slice folded lengthwise, excessive cheese and oil dripping off. This is one New York "tradition" I can easily live without. I have also found that many legendary pizza parlors are highly overrated, yet many experience crowds and lines.
I personally much prefer a more "gourmet" style pizza. And you can find that at Two Boots. I love their pizza with its unique cornmeal crust. They have created a number of topping configurations with names like Mel Cooley, Tony Clifton, Newman, the Bird or the Earth Mother.
The business, named for the shapes of Italy and Louisiana, was started as Two Boots Restaurant in 1987 at 37 Avenue A in the East Village. Original partners Dorish Kornish and Phil Hartman teamed up with local developer John Touhey to create a restaurant featuring Cajun-Italian cooking. In 1989 they opened Two Boots To Go - pizza by the slice and delivery. They currently have 7 locations in NYC, one in Bridgeport and one in Los Angeles. Of course there are many quality, more traditional pizza parlors in the city, but if you want a break from tradition, start your adventure at Two Boots ...


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