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New York Daily Photo: Quietude
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Friday, 23 May 2008


It's been raining a lot this spring. Personally I hate the rain, but it does set a mood and has its merits. And in the big city, one perk is quiet.
There are places and times where there is little opportunity for quietude or a place to sit. Like a well located park bench on a sunny day.
So to see a bench like this, with flower petals undisturbed is unusual - this is something one can see perhaps in the early morning, off hours, in remote out of the way places or in inclement weather - like the rain.
I am a social person. I love people and that is one of the great things about living in New York City - eight million people from every corner of the globe. Today I will meet a woman from French Polynesia to do a photo tour - I look forward to meeting her.
But there are times when I yearn for a moment when I can be alone. When there are no people.
Days when I've had enough and want to take that quiet side street, alley or obscure path in Central Park - where I can't see a person or building. Walk by a solitary neon sign in front of an empty restaurant. And then there are sunny days when I just want to walk right down Fifth Avenue and rub shoulders with humanity. :)


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