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New York Daily Photo: Do it in the Road
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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Do it in the Road

We do it in the road. We have a real street life in NYC. The street is our front yard, backyard, driveway and secondary sidewalk. We eat in the streets, walk in the streets, fix our car in the streets. Children play in the streets, we have fairs and parades in the streets. We make movies and commercials in the streets - where else is there? Last night on the way to dinner on Christopher Street in the West Village, I ran across a movie set. They were filming Motherhood with Uma Thurman - for a sneak peak at here, see photos here.
These occurrences appear suddenly and are quite common - the crowd watching was surprisingly small. Paparazzi with telephoto lenses were on hand. But we are jaded in NYC and the novelty wears off quickly. Most onlookers only spend a short time observing - catch a celebrity and move on. And most don't even bother to do that. They just walk and navigate the street, slightly annoyed with the congestion, simultaneously avoiding the traffic. Cars and buses are a nuisance really - they just get in our way ...


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