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New York Daily Photo: Little Burnt Out
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Friday, 16 May 2008

Little Burnt Out

Want to feel special? Be the focus of a school field trip with 28 kids. Judy, a previous employee who has gone on to become a school teacher, came to visit me yesterday with her class of 2nd graders from elementary school PS 124 in Chinatown.
This was a real eye opener for me and I quickly saw the rewards and joys of teaching children. Certainly a handful of work of course, but I had it good - like a grandparent. Judy and her associates did all the work of managing the kids - I had all the fun.
There were squeals, giggles and screams at every opportunity. And I was the center of attraction as they toured my facility, attentive to my every word and demonstration. They asked questions of me and vice versa. Every one of our staff was quite charmed.
What is particularly interesting is how kids absorb things. I was asked if I still juggle and I responded that I enjoyed many aspects of the business but I was a little burnt out after 33 years. I proceeded to explain what "burnt out" meant. I thought it would be over their heads. I later learned that one of the kids said to the principle of the school, in response to a comment she made, that perhaps she was burnt out and should consider retiring :)


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