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New York Daily Photo: Wild Crash
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Saturday, 2 June 2007

Wild Crash

On Thursday night while strolling near Washington Square Park in the Village, I observed rerouting of traffic and a helicopter hovering overhead - not typical at all. Suspecting a serious crime scene I walked towards Eighth Street and University Place to find a taped off intersection with a badly crumpled bicycle, smashed cars, police vehicles, ambulances and television equipment and crew. A stolen van had lost control while being pursued by police (driving an undercover car disguised as a taxi). The van made a hard right at the intersection, hitting a vehicle, a bicyclist, parked cars and nearly careening into a glass-enclosed dining area in the front of the Dallas BBQ restaurant. Apparently the scene in the restaurant was pandemonium - people seeing the oncoming van, afraid it was going to collide, began running with plates and food flying, the restaurant shaking. There was flying glass from the collision, injuring one pedestrian. The good news - a bystander, Sherwin Caton, chased and tackled the driver as he was trying to escape. And amazingly, there were only minor injuries ...


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