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New York Daily Photo: Signs of Summer
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Thursday, 21 June 2007

Signs of Summer

These are signs that summer was coming which I have witnessed over the last 2 weeks. Starting with the photo on the left, we have gardening on Washington Square North. It is surprising how much gardening goes on in NYC - much of it out of view behind buildings. At the top photo we have a day that was a real steam bath - the humidity was so heavy you could easily see it as this afternoon haze - it looked like the deep south. At the far right we have two lovebirds in a PDA, but this time in the fountain (click here for last summer's frolick in the fountain). Kind of fun if you don't mind getting your clothes soaking wet. At the bottom we have a young woman sleeping - she was out cold. But not inebriated (the beverage was soda not beer). Today is the solstice and first day of summer in the Northern hemisphere (and the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere). This is the day where the sun is furthest north, or highest point in the sky and takes the most time to cross the sky. This means it's the longest day of the year. The days actually start getting shorter from here - so please enjoy your summer ...


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