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New York Daily Photo: PDA
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Saturday, 9 June 2007


Many years ago I became acquainted with the acronym PDA - no, not Personal Digital Assistant, but Public Display of Affection. According to the 17th revised edition of Emily Post's Etiquette (which is up to date with sections on cell phone behavior, Internet behavior, drugs etc.) the PDA is "In public, holding hands and exchanging pecks on the cheek with your significant other can be charming, but prolonged and passionate embraces and soul kisses are always inappropriate." Although views of this behavior vary considerably across various cultures (in France we have "démonstration publique d'affection"), generally it is frowned upon. In some countries it is outlawed. Although some are OK with this behaviour, most of my reading on the subject saw words and phrases like yuck, ick, disgusting, tacky, not cool and the ever popular suggestion "get a room". This couple in the photo was going at it for a minimum of 2 hours, barely coming up for air (Click here for a previous post of a different romantic encounter.) I had reservations of posting this photo and opted for a deliberately processed photo to minimize recognizability of our two lovebirds. I hope you like the result...


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