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New York Daily Photo: Voice of Change
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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Voice of Change

I really didn't want to put my clothes back on and go out again at 11PM. But the yelling and screaming was so compelling - I just had to see what was going on, lest I miss a photo opportunity I might later regret. I live in the heart of New York University, so a moments reflection was all that was needed to assess that the hoopla had to be over an announcement that Barrack Obama would be the 44th President of the United States and that there was an end to the 8-year Republican hegemony.
So out into the night with camera in hand - it was quite amazing on the streets. I don't recall ever witnessing this kind of fanfare over a presidential election. There was all manner of revelry including the occasional firecrackers. I was fortunate to overhear a directive from one of the students - "let's head to Union Square." A brilliant idea, since Union Square would most likely be a downtown nexus for celebration.
One block from Union Square on University Place I overheard someone say "they have no idea what they're in for when they turn that corner." And right he was - an enormous crowd had already gathered and an impromptu tent had been created with a huge American flag. The general feeling in Union Square and the streets was quite exuberant. I overheard one young person conclude a conversation on his cell phone: "I'm so happy Mom. I love you."
Leaving blame aside, there has been a malaise over this nation and desire for change. The unpopular mideast policies and the recent banking debacle and resultant market crash are adequate reasons to galvanize the public. This was a vote for change. From today's New York Times:

The election of Mr. Obama amounted to a national catharsis — a repudiation of a historically unpopular Republican president and his economic and foreign policies, and an embrace of Mr. Obama’s call for a change in the direction and the tone of the country.

Optimism and hope for a renewed America and improved policies and international relations was echoed in the media around the world. I do hope that the change will be good for this country and that President Obama proves to be an able captain.
For a time, the voice of change should buoy the spirits of our ailing country. And time will tell if Mr. Obama can deliver on the promises of hope ...


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